• Massimiliano Geraci

    Content Strategy & SEO

  • Massimiliano Geraci

    Content Strategy & SEO

    Massimiliano (MaxG.SEO) Geraci is an SEO specialist passionate about Python and everything that can be automated, whether it’s data analysis or the generation of texts and images.

    He holds a degree in Psychology, one in Communication Sciences, and an MBA.

    His passion for semiotics and linguistics drives him to increasingly focus on Semantic Search, Structured Data through schema.org, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and general technologies for knowledge representation (Knowledge graphs).

    After his academic studies, Massimiliano Geraci researched for many years within the university environment or in projects funded by MIUR or the EU. He has worked on Urban Sociology, Sociology of Technologies, and Research Methodology.

    He has directed and collaborated with various journals: Cyberzone, Cultural Studies (Il Mulino Editore), Inquiry (Dedalo Editore), and Quality&Quantity (Springer Nature).

    Max Geraci writes, with Franco Berardi, the novel Death to the Old for Baldini&Castoldi Publisher and, as an enthusiast of contemporary arts and new visual cultures, curates art anthologies dedicated to visionary art and pop surrealism in collaboration with LastGasp, the historic underground publisher from San Francisco.


    Massimiliano Geraci began his entrepreneurial career as a co-founder of ROManza Multimedia Compositions, a company dedicated to creating CD-ROMs in the early ’90s (yes, he has white hair).

    He co-founded Makoto Studio to support business growth following technological development lines, particularly in the direction of Semantic Search, Machine learning applied to Natural Language Processing, and Marketing automation.